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Duel Hardcore Twitch’n Ninja Glider delivers a methodical, finely-tuned gliding action that begs big bass to strike.Type: Slow Sinking
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The Duel Hardcore Ninja Twitch’n Glider is a flat-sided, single jointed Japanese glide bait that slips through the water with a wide “S” action. Super slow sinking with a slightly head-down position on the fall for the optimum presentation. On a twitch, style retrieves it produces a 180° darting action. The Ninja Twitch’n Glider features high-quality black nickel Japanese treble hooks and includes an extra replacement tail. This bait comes in naturalistically painted finishes, flash finishes, and attractor patterns to cover all fishing conditions. The joint is a double hinge with a stainless steel pin, to hold that double-digit bass of a lifetime. Duel brings the Japanese quality and performance at a reasonable price point.

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