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Picture of Nomad Hollow Casting Braid
Picture of Nomad Hollow Casting Braid
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Nomad 12 ply hollow-core braid is designed to be the ultimate in supple blue water casting, jigging and trolling braid.
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The 12 strands hollow core design allows anglers to easily top shot their reels if a bust off leaves their spool low which will adversely affect casting distance. Instead of replacing the whole spool, or removing the line and adding the backing. Simply splice a new section of Riptide inside itself on both ends and it is as good as new. The splice connection is a 100% strength connection and is almost invisible and only noticeable on very close inspection. Hollow-core braid can also be used to create the perfect wind-on leaders, as you can splice an appropriately sized leader inside the braid and whip finish for the perfect wind-on.

The strength to diameter ratio of this braid is as good as it gets, and the super-thin diameter just makes everything easier. Whether you’re into casting or jigging. The 400m spool length will fill even the biggest of the bluewater spin reels, or if you’re using the standard 18,000/6500 sizing it will leave you enough for a top shot after you have lost the front section of the braid.

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