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Picture of Ocea Wing 105mm 145g
Picture of Ocea Wing 105mm 145g
Picture of Ocea Wing 105mm 145g
Picture of Ocea Wing 105mm 145g
Out Of Stock
This rear-weighted flat fall jigging lure flutters on the descent and can be fished with both a slow and high-speed jerk, depending on the mood of the target species.
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The Japanese-designed Ocea Stinger Butterfly Wing is a slow jigging lure with a number of interesting features. With one flat side and the other multi-faceted, the main weight bias is at the rear to get the jig down to the bottom promptly. The multi-faceted side brings life to the lure when it is being worked, but also on the descent as well, producing a drifting, fluttering action. The Ocea Stinger Butterfly Wing is available in three weights; 110-135 and 160 grams, so there’s virtually no depth a fish can hide in. There are several bright color schemes to choose from, including chromes and luminous stripes, giving the jigger a host of options when it comes to glow and flash. Due to its versatility, the Ocea Stinger Butterfly Wing is supplied without hooks, so anglers can do their own rig customization — either assist singles, doubles, trebles fore, and aft, or even wire assists if toothy species figure in the piscatorial lineup. The fore and aft eyelets are quite large and allow for plenty of rigging options.

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