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Picture of Rapala Weedless Shad
Picture of Rapala Weedless Shad
Picture of Rapala Weedless Shad
Picture of Rapala Weedless Shad
Out Of Stock
The body with a unique profile, with a springy metal moustache on the spine protecting the point of the hook, creates the first truly snap-free hard bait. Thanks to the hard, rowdy tail fin, the lure sways and swings its tail vigorously, making very little resistance in the water.
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This shad easily glides through the weeds without getting caught or dragging green braids behind it. Stopped while guiding on a taut line, it descends slowly, becoming a tasty morsel for predators.

• The first truly hookless hard lure
• Unique body profile
• Single VMC hookless hook
• Swaying tail action
• Works in very slow precipitation

Working depth: Dependent on guide

Hooks: Single hookless

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