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Product available
Forcemaster 9000 is a real beast. It has a line capacity of 1100m for PE6, 900m for PE8 which should prove more than enough for any type of fishing. With a hoisting capability of 72kg, the fish don't stand a chance!
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Shimano built the new Forcemaster 9000 to be versatile and to meet the needs of anglers deep-dropping for bottom fish or flying kites in South Florida for sailfish and other pelagics. Packed with 55 pounds of drag to provide the power needed under immense loads, the Forcemaster 9000 incorporates Shimano’s Heat Free System II to reduce the reel’s internal temperature when fighting big fish, allowing anglers to focus on what matters most — not exhausting themselves winching on a reel. And with winding speeds of 153 yards per minute, anglers can quickly crank in bottom rigs or reel in kites to change out baits with the speed needed when it matters most during a hot bite. The Forcemaster 9000 also pairs perfectly with both of Shimano’s Talavera Bluewater Deep-Drop rods, ultimately creating a full system to enhance performance when targeting deep-water species.

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