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Picture of Shimano Tiagra
Picture of Shimano Tiagra
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The number one choice of serious offshore anglers and captains, Tiagra reels feature an innovative hydrothermal drag system that virtually eliminates the drag setting variances that affect today's big-game reels.
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The Shimano Tiagra Trolling Reel is a great choice for smaller offshore species such as Dorado, Sailfish, School Tunas, and may others. Anglers often spool these Fishing Reels with 20lb test monofilament to get the required line capacity. These reels can achieve an amazing amount of drag pressure, to maximize your reel you should fill with 60lb or 80lb Hollow-Core Spectra with a small top shot. All Tiagras bodies and spools are constructed from Solid Bar-Stock Aluminum for strength and durability. The gears are all treated with high-quality Stainless Steel for years of dependability. All Tiagra’s feature Shimano’s famed 2-speed mechanism which has both gears always engaged for instant transmission from speed to power or vice-versa.

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