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Picture of Shimano Trevala
Picture of Shimano Trevala
Picture of Shimano Trevala
Product available
The highly innovative Shimano Trevala Jigging rod series is designed to be fished with the deadly Shimano Butterfly jigs, which were developed from an extremely productive Japanese-style jigging system.
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Trevala S utilizes a new proprietary construction type called C4S. C4s result in incredible hoop strength and incredibly sensitive rods. Because of this construction, we can use tiny rod diameters. These new smaller diameters lessen the overall weight which allows you to focus on fighting the fish and not your tackle. There is a Trevala S for fishing every new size of Shallow butterfly jig spinning and casting configurations are available. These very specific actions make success an even greater probability when spot fishing sunken stone outcroppings and wrecks.

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