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Shimano Bantam Chug Walker Spectacular popper with realistic colors. Ideal for fishing in still waters. Great eye and with holographic fringes on the rear treble hook. Very concave head to make a great splash in the water.

47 AED

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The biggest feature of wave climbing is the sound of hitting the water and the ability to collect fish with splashing water. In bad fishing conditions, a too loud noise will only cause the vigilance of the black bass. It is not uncommon to imitate the sound of small fish running to the surface of the water to lure the black bass and to attract the bite with a small up and downswing. Chug Walker does not only rely on sound and water to lure fish but can show a variety of swimming styles according to different rod operations. Whether it’s a predatory bass or a migratory bass, it’s possible to use tricks to get a bite if you think now is the best time.

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