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Picture of Beuchat Libeccio Elite Carbon
Picture of Beuchat Libeccio Elite Carbon
Picture of Beuchat Libeccio Elite Carbon
Picture of Beuchat Libeccio Elite Carbon
Product available
Fin for freediving and spearfishing.
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The new Libeccio fin srange has been designed for all free diving activities and comes in 2 range bands: Elite and Sport. These fins present significant advantages by proposing 2 blades made of different materials combined with the world famous Beuchat “comfort” foot pocket.


Deux chasseurs sous-marins, équipés des palmes de chasse Libeccio Beuchat



The Libeccio Elite is designed for freedivers and expert hunters. It has a carbon blade, flexible and powerful at the same time, which, combined with a "comfort" shoe will deliver all its power at all depths.


Carbon blade: Flexibility and Power


The blade is composed of many layers of carbon fiber, resin and fiberglass and E-glass. The position and dimensions of these layers have been optimized to give the canopy all the responsiveness and flexibility necessary for efficient and comfortable swimming.

SR GreenPoxy 33 resin layers:

- To meet the challenges of our time and to fulfill our promise of ecological commitment, we have chosen to work with an innovative resin. SR GreenPoxy is an epoxy resin that is the result of the latest innovations in green chemistry. Nearly 35% of the molecular structure is of plant origin.

- The control of the vegetable origin is carried out by an independent laboratory (DNV.GL Maritime).

Carbon fiber layers :

- High strength fiber fabrics
- Weave : 2/2 twill

Fiberglass layer E :

- Weaving : Twill 2/2

And also : 

- Extended under the shoe for better energy transmission, it measures 70cm.
- The 22° angle offers a better swimming comfort.
- The longitudinal guides, in the form of crenels, accompany the torsion of the fin and allow a better guidance of the fin.
- The blade can be removed for replacement.      


Palme Libeccio Elite Beuchat en torsion


Elastomer foot pocket : Comfort

- SEBS foot pocket, exclusive to Beuchat, whose comfort is recognized worldwide.
- Foot pocket equipped with an instep reinforcement and a heel pad for easy donning.



Polymer ribbing: Performance

- The spars, which extend the boot and frame the canopy, are made of polymers.
- They allow the good maintenance of the sock and the canopy.
- With the spars, there is no loss of power. The energy of the palmage is transmitted to the sail.


Crocodile daggerboards : Details

- The daggerboards are in crenels, crocodile type for a precise guidance.

- Their shape allows the carbon sail to twist and deliver all its power.


Chasseur sous-marin Beuchat portant les palmes Libeccio Elite
Fins Type Full Foot
Composition Tri-material

Removable blade

Blade material Carbone
Length (cm) 70cm
Weight (gr) 510

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