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Picture of Beuchat Spy Camo Snorkel
Picture of Beuchat Spy Camo Snorkel
Picture of Beuchat Spy Camo Snorkel
Picture of Beuchat Spy Camo Snorkel
Product available
In perfect harmony with the Shark Camo diving mask, and the camouflage of the Trigoblack and Redrock wetsuits, the SPY CAMO snorkel stands out for its aesthetics and excellent underwater performance.
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Explore the underwater world with confidence with the Beuchat SPY CAMO snorkel.

Adopt the camo style: 

Colour matched to the Shark Camo masks and the camouflage of the Trigoblack and Redrock wetsuits. But if you don't like the camo style, you can choose from 18 colours that match the Maxlux S mask. You can express your style underwater with the SPY snorkel.

Versatile :

Suitable for snorkeling enthusiasts as well as spearfishing enthusiasts, the Beuchat SPY camo meets the needs of each of these practices, offering reliable performance in all conditions.


Made from TPR (thermoplastic rubber), this Beuchat snorkel has exceptional durability and resistance to the underwater elements while maintaining its light weight.


Hypoallergenic silicone snorkel mouthpiece: Designed by Beuchat to offer ultimate comfort, the SPY silicone mouthpiece adapts to all skin types as it is hypoallergenic.

Simple and effective attachment system: Explore the depths with confidence thanks to the SPY's attachment system: a practical clip that holds the snorkel in place during your underwater explorations.

The snorkel is angled for ideal positioning, reducing jaw fatigue and allowing you to breathe more naturally.


Enjoy the freedom of movement underwater with the SPY CAMO snorkel and be amazed by the underwater world.

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