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DUEL Hardcore Fintail DART 90 is search bait for wide range finesse fishing, new generation vibration, and real swimming action for catching big sea bass.
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One of the leading manufacturers of fishing lures in the world is the Japanese company Duel. This sinking minnow model has a unique body shape, which sets it apart from its counterparts from other companies. Having a body length of 90 mm and weighing 20 grams, which allows (in combination with excellent flight characteristics) to make long-distance casts with great accuracy.

In the lower body, Duel Hardcore Fintail Dart Special has double fins. When swimming, they give the lure a realistic game. Thanks to the patented Body Armored system, the body of the Duel Hardcore Fintail Dart Special has an increase in strength indicators, which allows you to capture even the most avid predator without fear. The special plastic coating on the body provides reliable protection and protects the bait from various types of damage. 

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