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Nomad Design have manufactured the ultimate casting gloves for serious jigging and popping anglers. 

The gloves feature:
- A breathable mesh back for extra comfort in hot weather.
- Super strong double stitched seams all around for ultimate durability.
- High quality leather for increased wear resistance.
- Reinforced leather on casting finger.
- Extra grip pads built into the palm.
- Super strong Velcro attachment.

To check our glove sizing, measure the length of the periphery of the hand that connects the A and B as shown in the figure below.
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Based on our glove measurements, sizing would be as follows:
M – 21-22cm (8.26-8.66 inches)
L – 23-24cm (9.05-9.44 inches)
XL – 25-26cm (9.84-10.23 inches)
XXL – 27-28cm (10.63-11.02 inches)

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