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Perfect for the mobile angler, the RCD folding fillet knife from Rapala sports a super sharp blade and ergonomic handle to assist in making your filleting duties on the go a breeze.
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This knife is used in more fishing camps, on more charter boats and by more fishermen than any other fillet knife in the world. Progressively tapered, flexible, full-tang blade of European stainless steel that takes and holds an ultra-sharp edge is securely anchored in a legendary birch handle. All are protected by a fine tooled leather Laplander sheath with a “safety-first” free-swing belt loop that always keeps the sheath and blade clear of the body.

• Classic Birch Handle

• Progressively tapered, full-tang blade

• Safety Notch secures tang to brass ferule

• Finely tooled leather sheath

• Includes single-stage sharpener 

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