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The Ocea Jigger series is the ultimate reel for serious saltwater jigging anglers worldwide. Built in Japan to the highest standards, and containing the latest design and engineering technology, the Ocea Jigger F Custom also features a customisable ‘Fall Lever’ to control the speed of your jig as it falls towards the ocean floor.
The Ocea Jigger F Custom is based on normal Ocea Jigger, but with one important addition - the inclusion of an adjustable 'Fall Lever’, to control the decent speed of your jig. By slowing down the speed, you can change the jigs action, making it more animated, erratic and attractive to fish that are off the bottom. Using the lever, instead of thumbing the spool, enables you to adjust and repeat the decent speed accurately, time after time, to maximise your mid-water opportunities, whilst also enabling you to actually slow pitch whilst the lure is descending.
The Ocea Jigger series has always been at the forefront of advanced technology and the latest Ocea Jigger F Custom builds on this ethos. Micromodule Gear is Shimano’s most advanced gearing and when combined with Infinity Drive delivers unbeatable smoothness, reduced winding resistance and awesome cranking power. The compact Hagane Body fits perfectly in the hand and has a special E.I. coating for corrosion resistance, whilst internally all bearings are Shielded A-RB for protection, with the addition of X-Protect ensuring complete waterproof protection. The handle can be adjusted in length to suit your preference and the ergonomic hand grip is shaped perfectly. Built without compromise, the Ocea Jigger F Custom opens up a completely new way of slow jigging.

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