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Picture of Shimano Tiagra Hyper IGFA
Picture of Shimano Tiagra Hyper IGFA
Product available
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Tiagra Hyper is a premium IGFA-rated game fishing mono that combines high abrasion resistance with optimal stretch. Available in accurately calibrated, competition compliant 20lb, 30lb, 50lb and 80lb breaking strains, Tiagra Hyper has the best strength to diameter ratio available in Shimano’s big game mono line-up.
If you are very serious about your big game fishing, or fish in IGFA tournaments, Tiagra Hyper is sure to be on your list of lines to consider. This blue tinted line becomes virtually invisible when submerged and has prestigious strength with one of the best strength to diameter ratios available in the IGFA-rated official line list. With stunning abrasion resistance to overcome the most challenging tests, the Tiagra Hyper has optimal stretch to absorb the aggressive fighting style of the world’s largest and most powerful saltwater game fish.
Available on huge 1000m spools, Tiagra Hyper is the professional’s choice, enabling many reels to be filled correctly from one spool. With a surprisingly low memory, that makes knots easier to tie and correctly tighten to eliminate slippage, you can be sure that when the time comes to challenge yourself in the ultimate saltwater battle, Tiagra Hyper will never let you down.

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