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Picture of Shimano Vengeance CX Super Sensitive
Picture of Shimano Vengeance CX Super Sensitive
Picture of Shimano Vengeance CX Super Sensitive
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Designed for the increasingly popular lightweight lure fishing styles, the Vengeance Super Sensitive offers fantastic value for money. The ultra fine solid tip increases sensitivity compared to a hollow tip, blends in perfectly with the Full Carbon blank, and improves bite detection and lure action.
There are times when a hollow rod tip just isn’t sensitive enough to fish effectively for smaller predators. If you find yourself in this situation, the Vengeance Super Sensitive is a cost effective solution that you should have in your armoury. Whether you are a street angler fishing inner city waterways, or vertical jigging from a boat for zander and perch, the extra sensitivity of the solid tip design, combined with the lightweight fast action blank will enhance your performance and success.
The main attraction of the Vengeance Super Sensitive is the low cost affordability for such a specialised rod. This makes it a great addition to you rod collection, even if you only occasionally fish lightweight tactics for smaller predators. The fast action of the slim Full Carbon blank feels fantastic in use and is a match for rods costing considerably more, but the real advantage is the sensitivity of the solid tip. This maximises visual bite detection and also enhances the responsiveness and sensitivity of the rod when fish are feeding in a very timid fashion. The Vengeance is fitted with Shimano Hardlite guides, a great looking split grip cork handle and a versatile DPS reel seat.

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